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Episode 22: Dolan Wolf Part 2

For the conclusion of our interview with adult film actor Dolan Wolf we talk about his major fetish: fisting.We talk further into porn's role in the gay community before cover what beginners need to consider when starting down the road to fisting play, how Dolan himself got into it and what he gets out of the act.
Dolan can be found on twitter at @DolanWolfXXX

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Episode 9: Barebacking as a fetish, cultural narratives of safe sex,

This episode we have sexual health worker and former pornstar Jason in our new studio to talk about the nature of barebacking as a fetish and it's evolution in tandem with safe sex messages. We discuss:

  • The fetishisation of condom-less sex due to it becoming a taboo
  • Reasons for barebacking
  • Jason's experiences in porn
  • The current attitudes sexual health
  • Safety steps for bareback
  • the psychology of the BBBH
  • The cultural messages of gay sex being dangerous
  • Eroticising condom usage
  • What is a bottoms best friend?

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