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Episode 25: Fursuit yourself


Today we bring you the lovely Azur on the show to give you all a crash course in using Fursuits in kink play as well as an introduction to care for fursuits, providers, self-care and cautions when using a suit. 

We also talk deep into the current state of the fursuit community and its conflicted nature around the furry fandom and its relationship to sex, including recent news stories around the subject and furries media portrayal in general


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Episode 16:Furry porn Fetishes, recon’s bot problem and kink comunity drama

In light of the recent news article about Tony the tiger being bombarded with fury porn, we thought it would be timely to talk about the often niche fetishes found in furry porn.
We also have a discussion about what to do when names in a comunity stur up drama and recons growing bot problem


Episode 14: High Protocol with Pup Brock and the 1st Mr Puppy UK

This Episode we Talk with the eloquent pup Brock on his experiences using high protocol for his power exchange relationships. We also get a report on how the first Mr Puppy UK went at the 2015 November pup social.

Today we cover:

  • What is meant by "high protocol"
  • Brock's personal experience and examples of high protocol
  • Why would you use protocol and its benefits
  • Safety concerns when using protocol in private and in public
  • The first Mr Puppy UK contest
  • what its been like setting up a contest
  • Advice for those wanting to start a leather/kink title

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Episode 2: The pup community and community titles

Today we have guest interviewee Adam, who's talking to us about the UK and European pup communities, His competing in the Mr leather uk, Mr puppy Europe and his future plans for a Beginners gear rental plan to help newbies into the scene.